Season 3

This season, I wanted to make things a little more special by getting back to working on motorcycles. This is not to say that I’m not going to do rider videos but I believe most of those who watch the channel are there to learn something and not really there to hear my banter.

New Equipment

I have upgraded to a new camera setup and microphone. Goodbye to the lapel mics and welcome to the world of shotgun microphones. Now you will be able to see the work on the motorcycles in crystal clear quality and see a greater amount of detail. You’ll also hear every time I hit my thumb, scratch the paint or just the general noise of a busy life.

Gone are the days of using a single GoPro Hero 5 to make all the various videos.


Yes, you read that right. If you followed me in season 2 of Fueled by Fun, you know I’ve been talking about getting another motorcycle. One that would allow me to travel a great amount of distance in a great amount of comfort.

I will not be releasing the details of the new motorcycle just yet but it will be shown in season 3.

New Release Schedule

You can expect a new video every week. I’m expecting that a video will be dropped every Thursday. Not every video will be a how-to video. Some will be reviews. Some will be general nonsense that will make you wonder how I lived this long.

The exception to this is when I’m traveling as cutting video while on the road is not as easy as it sounds. In other words, I will do the best that I can to bring you a consistent video release schedule when I’m not riding from location to location.

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