Fueled by Fun was started to document how easy it is to maintain your motorcycle. It has expended a bit since the beginning with now two hosts and a series of new sketches to help make motorcycling even more entertaining.

Fueled by Fun was started by Larry in 2017. It was a way to share maintenance videos on his Honda Shadow Aero 750 and to talk about various motorcycling topics.

As Larry made more and more videos, it was found almost to be an impossible task to continue as a single person operation and videos ceased for a year.

In 2020, Angelo  joined the project to help give direction and his knowledge of marketing and video production to help take Fueled by Fun to the next level. Larry and Angelo have known each other for several years and are good friends.

As the year closes, we will start to produce more video content for your viewing pleasure.

Fueled by Fun Larry


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