Community News - Oct 2020

What a long month for the FBF team. We've been working behind the scenes to get the website in a more stable state as well as more community like. We hope that you're starting to see the difference.

Community News - Oct 2020


We started an email based newsletter which is able to be accessed by members who have signed up to the blog. There is no fee for this subscription service and is designed to give you a way to keep up to date on our content and happenings.


We have decided to keep the  Disqus comment system. We have added the ability to comment without having to sign in to Disqus. It is recommended that you do use a social profile to sign in to comment as this will allow you the ability to interact with others.

Content Migration

All content has been migrated from the various Fueled by Fun sources are now on the website. You can watch the Youtube videos without all the banner ads but I can't say you won't see any ads in the videos themselves.

There will be regular Instagram and Facebook posts that will not make it into the website. This is by design and we believe that our Facebook page is a great way to interact with us.

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